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Go to the Movies – The Practice of Personal Productivity

In the last post, “Why do you do What you do? The Practice of Personal Productivity”, we discussed the importance of motivation and managing our inner work life in being productive. Now let’s focus on the set of principles for personal productivity I have found useful in getting things done and use as the basis for my personal productivity system.

There are many benefits to using a system or methodology including:

  1. Reducing our anxiety
  2. Increasing our ability to keep commitments
  3. Increasing our accomplishment and associated blessing
  4. Increasing your effectiveness (not just your efficiency)

For fun, I have turned my set of 10 principles into movie posters.

10 principles for a personal productivity system

Download this presentation from slideshare.

In the next post, I will share the overall process I use each week to get stuff done.

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