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The Leadership Equation: Motivation

Previously, we discussed the importance of casting vision as a leader and what makes a leader’s [vision worthy][1]. In addition to worthiness, a vision should motivate and not manipulate others.

    \[ l_i = \left ( i_1 + t + f + h + \frac{s_1}{s_2} + c_1 + j\right )\left ( w_1 + u + l + \frac{s_3}{a} + e \right )\left ( w_2 + \frac{m_1}{m_2} + c_2  \right ) \]

where l_i = leadership/influence and m_1 = motivation </div> Good leaders recognize that true motivation occurs when a person is persuaded to take action towards a vision that is aligned with their personal interest and intrinsic motivation. Manipulation occurs when a person is persuaded to take action for the primary benefit of a leader and does not address a person’s intrinsic motivation. **So Can a Good Leader Effectively Lead All?** No, not really. Intrinsic motivation can be defined as self-motivation or motivation that comes from within. A vision, i.e., external motivation must be congruent with a person’s intrinsic motivation. A vision alone, no matter how worthy, will ultimately not resonate with a person unless it is aligned with one or more internal motivators. In addition, people have different internal motivators. A vision will ultimately be compromised in order to broaden the appeal for all. **Getting the Right People Onboard** As a leader in any organization, finding the right people whose intrinsic motivation is aligned with the vision is critical for success. Some call this “fit.” A leader, whether they intended or not, will ultimately be forced into manipulating those that do not “fit” in order to get things done. Manipulation never ends well for the leader or the follower. The impact of manipulation is scheming, forced compliance, a lack of response, win / lose scenarios, resentment, and discord. This is why at PeopleMatter, alignment with the PeopleMatter vision is an important criteria in hiring. **What Motivates People?** I would be interested in hearing from you on what motivates you or others that you lead. I will start the list with one of my motivators: Challenge. I am motivated by the attainment of difficult and personally meaningful goals. Google Analytics tells me a larger number of people are following these posts **so don’t be shy and leave a comment below.** [1]: /posts/the-leadership-equation-worthy-vision/ "The Leadership Equation: Worthy Vision"

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