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The Leadership Equation: Worthy Vision

Up to this point, we have discussed the leadership characteristics that enable trust and demonstrate competence. Now, we will focus on the characteristics of a good leader that help cast vision for others.

Much has been written about the importance of vision for a leader. When a leader casts vision, people share and follow a leader’s passions, hopes, dreams, and direction. Not all visions are created equal, however. Some visions have more worth than others.

    \[ l_i = \left ( i_1 + t + f + h + \frac{s_1}{s_2} + c_1 + j\right )\left ( w_1 + u + l + \frac{s_3}{a} + e \right )\left ( w_2 + \frac{m_1}{m_2} + c_2  \right ) \]

where l_i = leadership/influence and w_2 = worthy vision

So what makes a vision worthy? Merriam-Webster defines worthy as “having worth or value”. This definition is not exactly helpful. For many organizations and corporations, one could observe that a worthy vision is a vision that has economic or financial value for its stakeholders.

I reject this notion.

What Makes a Vision Worthy?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on worthy visions. Please leave a comment below.

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